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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 2.0 Carbon CC XT ENVE Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
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The 2017 Santa Cruz 5010 2. 0 Carbon CC XT ENVE Complete Mountain Bike takes all your preconceived definitions of what a trail bike can do, crumples them up in a ball, and laughs gleefully as it charges full throttle into all-mountain territory. Carrying over mid-2016's revamped geometry, the 5010 2. 0 is slacker, longer, and lower than pre-2016 models, so it cleans steeper runs and ever bigger lines. This iteration gets a little dreamy with Shimano's versatile XT drivetrain, a dropper post, and eye-catchingly awesome ENVE 60 Forty carbon fiber wheels. The 2. 0 redesign touches on virtually every important aspect of frame geometry. The biggest change is to the head tube, which drops one degree from 68 to 67 degrees. That's the same as the previous Bronson model, and it situates the 5010 2. 0 just this side of a slacked-out enduro monster. The frame's reach and bottom bracket follow suit, with the former tacking on an additional 20-25mm, depending on size, and the latter dropping slightly. The combined result of these apparently minor tweaks is a longer, lower, more stable frame that eagerly attacks lines that the previous 5010 would have to think twice about. While the 5010 2. 0's front end and bottom bracket are about slack reclining, the changes out back tighten things up for more pedaling efficiency and cockpit versatility. The seat tube is steeper, longer, and wider, which benefits both the ups and downs of all-mountain riding. While torqueing over the crux of a climb or grinding speed on singletrack, the steeper angle puts the rider in a more efficient pedaling posture, making it easier to stay on top of the pedal stroke. When descending or cleaning lines through rock gardens, the shorter, fatter seat tube allows for more dropper travel, which nets increased stability when increasing speed is the last thing on your mind. The 5010 2. 0's chainstays are stubbier, reduced from the previous 5010's already impressive 17. 12in to an even stiffer, more agile 16....