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Race Face Next SL G4 Crankset
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Rather than deciding to leave its top-of-the-line Next SL alone for a few years, Race Face returned to the drawing board quickly for the design, setting ambitious, but unsurprising goals to eliminate weight and improve lateral stiffness on what's now known as the Next SL G4 Crankset. By trying to surpass a design few could find fault with, the G4 is definitely dreaming big, but with a few changes, Race Face managed to shave 20g off of the G4 compared to the Next SL. Race Face began by slightly reshaping the G4's crank arms, continuing to use its effective hollow carbon construction but tweaking the design in search of yet more weight loss. In doing this, it managed to shave 6g from each of the svelte arms without compromising any of their strength. Race Face was particularly concerned with the amount of tension that the chain would exert on the crankset due to the chain line angles of a one-by setup, so it upgraded the spline to an alloy that's a claimed 20% stronger than 7050 aluminum. To offset the weight that this could've added to the setup, it then CNC'd the end of the 30mm spindle, removing unnecessary material and saving four more grams in the process. We're attaching these crank arms to Race Face's Narrow Wide Cinch Direct Mount Chainring. Regardless of the size you choose, this ring's tenacious chain retention make it almost more valuable than the stiffness and low weight of the crank arms themselves. Almost. The direct-mount design is a lighter, stiffer interface than the old ring/spider/arm design, and it plays the role of babysitter by keeping the chain from jumping around like an unruly adolescent trying to avoid bed time.