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Sidi Wire Carbon Air Push Shoes - Women's
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The women's Carbon Air Push Shoes feature the same sole, upper material, and 360-degree retention systems as the models we've seen worn by the likes of Sagan, Martin, Froome -- the list goes on. The only difference is that the last is Sidi's "tapered" women's version, so the shoe fits slimmer across the metatarsals, instep, and heel. The aim is to prevent cyclists with petite feet from drowning in their shoes -- after all, this is a top-tier race model, so we expect the fit to be so spot on as to virtually disappear once the shoes are in place. Regardless of the last design, Sidi's fit is legendary, but its aesthetics are just as important to the brand's longstanding reign at the top of the industry. The high-gloss Lorica Vernice upper is largely responsible for that high-fashion status, and the women's Carbon Air updates it with myriad perforations, adding a little retro-sneaker style and ventilation to the venerable material. The redesigned Tecno-3 Push system is another update to the classic Sidi silhouette. The whole system involves two ratcheting dials, Sidi's proprietary, non-stretch monofilament wire, and a customizable fit at the instep and forefoot. The Push in the buckles' title refers to the incorporation of a red button on the unit that releases the ratchet's lever for quick adjustment, saving you the onerous task of flipping the lever up yourself. At ride's end, pinching two release buttons on either side of the dial loosens the wire. As with all of Sidi's fastening hardware, you can easily fiddle with the Tecno 3 Push buckles in the saddle. The women's Carbon Air also sees a return of Sidi's superlative vented carbon fiber sole. It shares the same construction method that Sidi developed with its Carbon Lite sole, yet it relegates the "Lite" model to the heavy bin by losing an additional 38g with no corresponding loss of stiffness. The weight loss may be due to the negative space of the vents, which shuttle cooling air into interior channels. The ve...