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Louis Garneau 0-degrees LS-100 Shoe - Men's
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Based on the T-Flex LS-100 Shoes, Louis Garneau's 0-Degrees LS-100 Shoes let cold weather commuters and fat bike riders alike cut through the chill. This means that you'll enjoy the same Carbon T-Flex Power Blade and BOA L4 single rail as the LS-100, only in a package that's warmed by insulated 3mm neoprene. The T-Flex Power Blade gives the LS-100 the stiff benefits of carbon fiber and the controlled flex of a nylon matrix. In terms of flexibility, you've surely felt overly stiff outsoles at some point in your riding. Well, the nylon matrix amounts to a calculated percentage of "give" under load. Essentially, this is minute enough that you won't notice it on climbs or hard drives, however, after a few hours on the trail, your feet certainly will. The T-Flex also features a dual-density polyurethane tread that's been shaped to mimic crampons--those pickax-like devices you strap onto your feet before scaling a crevasse. Ultimately, this combination of shape and materials creates a tread that's durable, and just as importantly, effectively sheds snow and mud. For even distribution of pressure, the venerable BOA L4 single rail controls the retention at the top of the tongue. And if you hadn't noticed, BOA is highly selective as to who it chooses to license to. And that this technology is featured in a mountain shoe is, well, nearly unheard of. Essentially, the L4 buckle provides the most even, forgiving, simple-to-use, and precise retention on the market. With a simple turn of the dial, your retention is secured and unwavering. For protection from the elements, Garneau made these shoes with a water-resistant exterior. However, they're lining features a waterproof membrane and fully-sealed seams. And in terms of warmth, Garneau also included a 4mm foam insulation along the lining of the shoes. The Louis Garneau 0-Degrees LS-100 Shoes are available in the color Black and in even sizes from 38. 0 to 48. 0.