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Zipp 202 Carbon Road Wheel - Tubular
Price: $900.00
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Known as the featherweight in Zipp's arsenal of wheels, the 202 is a climbing staple in the peloton found flying up storied mountain passes in all of the Grand Tours. Don't be fooled by its mountain goat status though, the Zipp 202 Carbon Road Wheel - Tubular does triple duty with its ability to swoop downhill and conquer the flats as a solid all-around workhorse to shepherd you swiftly across the line. The 202 Carbon features Zipp's lowest profile rim with a 32mm depth boasting exceptional crosswind stability when you're dropping the field. A wide, 24. 62mm brake track accommodates a variety of tire widths to match different racing styles and road conditions and provides a solid platform on which to mount your favorite tubular tire. Zipp wind tunnel testing shows that the 202's 32mm U-shaped profile cuts through the air on flat ground as efficiently as most other 45-50mm deep rims, with the added advantage of a feathery light 1180 gram weight to fly when the road starts climbing. Rail the course with confidence that these wheels will hold pace like deep-dished aero setups and climb away like a mountain goat when the moment calls. The 202 features an updated version of Zipp's signature Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control (ABLC) dimpling, which involves strategically placed and sized dimples spread across the rim's surface to smooth airflow, allowing the wheel to deftly cut through the air. ABLC boasts aerodynamic advantages at real-world yaw angles of ten to 20 degrees, which compares favorably to many competitors with minimum drag numbers at yaw angles of five to ten degrees -- conditions that rarely occur outside of a wind tunnel. In less scientific terms, these wheels perform best in the conditions you'll actually encounter out on the road. At the center, Zipp uses its updated 77/177 hubset, netting improved stiffness and durability over its predecessors for a more responsive, solid ride. With a new platform and graphics for 2016, these hubs boast increased b...