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Giordana FormaRed Carbon Short with Cirro Insert - Women's
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You expect a lot from your hamstrings, quads, abductors, and glutes when you're out chasing PR's on the bike, and unless you've found a way to arrange for a deep tissue massage after every ride (kudos if you have) Giordana's FormaRed Carbon Women's Shorts with Cirro Insert should be making regular appearances in your weekly training rides.Using nearly medical-grade compressive fabric, Giordana labored over achieving just the right fit and fabric panel arrangement to ensure the FRC would support your muscles in the saddle. Working to reduce muscle oscillation from road vibrations, the short limits muscle fatigue and improves circulation to deliver more oxygen to your muscles and prevent soreness. With such a compressive fit, the FRC won't be the most enticing short to wear if you're trying to hide an indulgent weekend diet, but its next-to-skin cut comes with tangible benefits. Compression is the main story for the FormaRed Carbon Short, but it's not the only one. Giordana didn't neglect features that would make the short functional and resilient, including abrasion-resistant inner leg panels and supple leg grippers that distribute compression over a wide area of the leg to help you avoid dancing around in the saddle to mediate pinching and bunching leg hems. Ever-important, the Cirro chamois Giordana lines the FRC short with doesn't skimp on luxurious multi-density cushion, and promises long-term comfort from its soothing aloe vera treatment and resistance to odors.