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SUGOi All Weather Glove - Men's SUGOi All Weather Glove - Men's

With wind-blocking fabrics and water-resistant properties, the Sugoi All Weather Glove is a trusty companion for chilly fall rides under unpredictable clouds. Your palms stay protected with poron foam padding to soak up vibrations, with a touchscreen compatible forefinger and thumb that lets you...

Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $31.46

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SUGOi Brand Champions RS Pro Short - Men's SUGOi Brand Champions RS Pro Short - Men's

Transitioning from a summer race calendar requiring a pair of running shoes and a number pinned to your singlet to the world of cycling or triathlon is daunting. Sugoi's Brand Champions RS Pro Men's Short help smooth the transition--literally and figuratively--from the world of two feet to that...

Price: $150.95
Sale Price: $75.47

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SUGOi Classic Short - Men's SUGOi Classic Short - Men's

You finally did it. After years of saying "I'm going to try cycling" and letting life get in the way, you've taken the plunge and bought a bike at last. Now that you have wheels, a few smart investments in kit will equip you for a summer of comfortable riding. For reliable kit that doesn't try...

Price: $59.95

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SUGOi Coast Hooded Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's SUGOi Coast Hooded Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's

Coast Hooded Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's

Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $83.96

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SUGOi Coast Hoodie - Men's SUGOi Coast Hoodie - Men's

If you're lucky enough to be traveling through the British Isles by bike, bring along the Sugoi Coast Hoodie to stay dry and warm when those famed grey skies and misty air accompany you for days on end. As you pedal past hidden laneways and verdant countryside, the Coast's HydroShield membrane...

Price: $119.95

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SUGOi Coast Polo Jersey - Men's SUGOi Coast Polo Jersey - Men's

Whether you're one of the lucky few who's traded four wheels for two and bypasses rush hour traffic in the bike lane each morning, or you're more of a weekend cruiser, reach for the Sugoi Coast Polo Jersey before you head out on your commuter bike. Featuring technical fabric disguised in a casual...

Price: $69.95

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SUGOi Coast Short - Men's SUGOi Coast Short - Men's

East, West, or smack dab in the middle, Sugoi's Coast Short will see you through morning commutes and after-work trail rides no matter where, or what, you ride. Made with sturdy woven Metro Tech fabric, the Coast is durable enough to handle the rigors of trail riding (and crashing), but it'll...

Price: $89.95

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SUGOi Commuter Pant - Men's SUGOi Commuter Pant - Men's

A little fall drizzle on your morning commute has never stopped you before, but arriving at work in wet pants isn't the ideal way to start the week off. On mornings you wake up to gloomy skies, the Sugoi Men's Commuter Pant will guard against everything from wheel spray to a total downpour in the...

Price: $159.95

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SUGOi Cooler Cap SUGOi Cooler Cap

We used to think of only wearing caps when it was cold out. But then the benefits of covering the skin in the blazing sun were realized and companies began to develop material to wear in the summer. The Sugoi Cooler Cap slips under your helmet to keep your head cool, no matter how much hair you...

Price: $24.95

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SUGOi Evo-X Short - Men's SUGOi Evo-X Short - Men's

The SUGOi Men's Evo-X Shorts split the difference between DH baggies and slim pedal-friendly pants, with a 13in inseam that slides over knee pads and tough, stretch-woven fabric that gives you tons of mobility without compromising durability. Mesh inserts at key spots along the thighs and waist...

Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $55.00

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