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Zipp 202 Carbon Clincher Disc Brake Wheel
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The Zipp 202 wheelset has long since earned its reputation as one of the most venerable pairs of road hoops extant, with countless wins in the classics and major tours alike, over all types of conditions and under all types of riders. Now, the 202 has taken two major steps forward. The first is the integration of Zipp's revolutionary Firecrest rim technology, and the second is the addition of the disc-brake-compatible model you see here, which embraces the approaching storm of road-disc capability that's making its way onto the road bike scene. What's Firecrest Firecrest is a series of changes to the shape and construction of the wheel's rim to decrease aerodynamic resistance and increase overall performance, and it's Zipp's most ambitious rim shape to date. Because it's partially designed to account for differences in airflow between tubulars and clinchers, the 202 Firecrest carbon clincher maintains the traditional 202 rim depth of 32. 0mm, but now it's been given a max sectional width of 25. 4mm (24. 6mm at the brake track). Using computational fluid dynamics, Zipp found this brought on a few aerodynamic advantages, but we'll get to those in a minute. Zipp found that a wider rim offers greater vertical compliance for increased control and comfort. Moving the clincher's hook beads farther apart allowed the tire to take on a more stable shape without adding rolling resistance. For strength and rigidity, the Firecrest 202 utilizes unidirectional fibers to handle the tensile and comprehensive loading within the rim. This is further reinforced by using woven fibers in the spoke-hole areas. Lastly, a woven silica-ceramic fabric and a woven carbon fabric encapsulate the braking and tire-mounting surfaces. The combination of fiber patterns creates the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio in Zipp production. The driving concept behind Zipp's Firecrest technology is relatively simple -- what goes up must come down. For years, the 202 has been the wheel of choice for Gran...