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Magura USA MT2 Next
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Long considered the German luxury sedan of hydraulic disc brakes, Magura's MT platform was an evolution of the highly revered Marta brake series. Now, the MT Next series continues that evolution, somehow getting even lighter, stronger, and better. Even in the case of these least-expensive Magura MT2 Next Brakes, you're looking at a system with better modulation, greater stopping power, and more reliability than the vast majority of brake systems on the market, at any price. To make the Next generation better, the MT was scrutinized top to bottom. Magura's German engineers kept materials consistent, including the proprietary, injection-molded CarboTecture master cylinder, because CarboTecture is insanely light, strong, and reliable and finds perfect application here, but the piston itself was refined to be even lighter, stiffer, and more efficient in its movement for greater control and consistency. The master cylinder also retains its radial (perpendicular to the handlebar) configuration, because that affords the best modulation and sensitivity for the lever. The hardware of the lever pivot, however, has been simplified to improve reliability, reduce weight, and it's been moved 20mm closer to the handlebar, increasing leverage for even greater feel and control. The MT's calipers saw revisions, as well. The 2's two-piston caliper is still die-cast to reduce costs, but like all the Next calipers, its one-piece construction has been both lightened and enlarged to increase rigidity and heat dissipation. The brake pads are still top-loaded, and any previous MT brake pads will work with the new calipers, but for the Next series, Magura engineered a new compound that increases friction, reduces noise, and prolongs pad life. Finally, the MT's bleed plug has been reinforced to be more difficult to damage in the event of a crash, further ensuring that the Next generation of Magura disc brakes, like all before them, last years beyond the competition. The Magura MT2 Next ...