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Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy Carbon X01 Complete Mountain Bike - 2015
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The 2015 Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon X01 Complete Mountain Bike is made for the cross country rider who pushes the boundaries. Built off of the legendary Tallboy 2 platform, this lightweight carbon fiber trail rocket is stiff, lightweight, and responsive -- everything you need in a great XC bike. But when you turn up the heat, the Tallboy responds in kind, treating you to neutral handling that will bail you out of much hairier situations than you might have imagined. In other words, one of our favorite trail bikes is back, and it's not slowing down any time soon. When revising the Tallboy last year, Santa Cruz made sure that any improvements were exactly that -- improvements. After all, why mess with a good thing Rather than make changes to the geometry on its best-selling model, Santa Cruz instead looked at ways to shave weight and improve stiffness. The resulting frame is significantly lighter than comparable designs on the market. But, saving weight isn't everything, which is why Santa Cruz managed to also make the Tallboy stiffer. You'll also find that Santa Cruz incorporated the same collet-style pivot hardware that's become standard for Santa Cruz's suspension bikes. This means that your pivots will stay tight, while also making service a breeze. The main improvement that you'll notice in the saddle is the modified suspension rate. Specifically, the progressivity at the end of the stroke has been reduced in comparison to the original Tallboy. In translation, modern shocks are more capable of resisting bottoming-out than they were during the genesis of the Tallboy. So, this revised suspension layout provides full travel with the current generation of suspension dampers. More specifically, it's tuned for the FOX Racing Shox FLOAT CTD shock, which features FOX's CTD adjustment for simplified suspension tuning. And, piggybacking off of improved suspension action, the overall efficiency receives a boost as well. The suspension is a refinement of Santa Cruz's dua...