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Ridley X-Fire Disc - 2015
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Maybe you're gunning to try a one-by or singlespeed set-up on your cyclocross bike. Or maybe you just want to swap out your old components and upgrade your frame. Either way, Ridley's X-Fire Disc for the 2015 season will have you riding fast from the first race of the season. As a Ridley aficionado, you may notice that although the colorways are different, the frameset of the X-Fire bears a striking resemblance to last year's model. The X-Fire frame was built from 24T carbon fiber. If you're a carbon aficionado, you know that the T stands for "ton," and that the designation means that the fiber is able to withstand 24 tons of pressure per-square-inch. By using stronger carbon, Ridley is able to use less, and less carbon means a lighter bike frame. And with the strength of the 24T carbon, you're ensured a frame with increased torsional and lateral rigidity. The shape of the tubing itself was designed with the 'cross rider in mind. Ridley knows that even Sven Nys needs to shoulder his bike now and then. For this reason, both the top tube and down tube have been squared at the bottom edge for enhanced grip. But making sure you don't drop your frame isn't only one benefit. This shaping stiffens the bottom bracket juncture which, in turn, means more effective transfer of power to the drivetrain so that months of building up your power in the summer months doesn't go to waste. The bottom bracket fits a PF30 and is slightly higher in a more "euro" style for extra clearance over obstacles.Now that all but the fastest of pros are making the switch to disc brakes, the X-Fire comes ready to handle the stresses imposed by load forces from the disc brakes. Ridley did this by using its full carbon 4ZA Oryx fork. This fork utilizes a reinforced lower leg design which prevents lurching or torsion from the calipers. Additionally, the oversized blades help to absorb chatter on rough terrain. The fork is integrated into the frame with an over-sized 1-1/8 x 1-1/2inch steerer tu...