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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2015
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Some of us spend weeks, if not months, sorting through the avalanche of mountain bike models that debut or are redesigned every year, sifting through catalogs and websites, just trying to find The One -- that one bike that can do it all, from your occasional XC race, to your days riding the lifts, to your multi-day backcountry adventures. There are some compelling entries out there, but we can confidently assert that this machine right here is the cream of the do-it-all crop: the 2015 Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon Frameset. It's unchanged from the 2014 model with the exception of some new colors, which means it's still the perfect platform on which to build your ultimate one-bike bike. What makes it so Many things, but here are the highlights: First, 27. 5-inch wheels, the sweet spot between big-wheel 29ers and 26ers. Second, 127mm of rear wheel travel, landing right between short-travel race rigs and big-hit trail-crushers. Third, perfectly neutral geometry that can climb, descend, and handle with the best of them. Fourth is the light, stiff carbon fiber chassis and all the wonderful things that you can do upon it. Santa Cruz's industry-leading carbon fiber construction is at its best on the 5010. Both the front and rear triangles are constructed as a whole, rather than bonding them together from sub-assemblies. In addition to saving weight, it ensures that the 5010 is as strong as possible. That's because the fibers are uninterrupted by seams, which happens with other construction methods. If you were to cut it in half, you'd find that the inside of the tubes have the same perfectly smooth finish as the outside. That's a result of construction techniques that maximize the compaction of the layers. The benefit is that it's lighter, because any excess epoxy is squeezed from the frame prior to curing, and this ideal degree of compaction optimizes the strength. Plus, it keeps the frame weight in the cross-country race realm, at a shade over five pounds with shock. Lastl...