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Santa Cruz Bicycles Blur TR Kashima Carbon Frame
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The legendary Blur TR. Rendered in alloy, it's formidable, but rendered in carbon, it's unbelievable. Yet, to those who attempt to dismiss the 26-inch mountain bike wheel as washed up, no longer relevant, a compromise relative to the new, larger-diameter wheel standards out there, we say: no problem. Move along, and save incredible machines like the Santa Cruz Blur TR Kashima Carbon Frame you see here for riders who recognize that 26-inchers are far from obsolete, still bringing huge fun and advantages to the trail, such as awesome durability and rapid handling and acceleration, to name just a few. The original Blur made waves when it hit the scene a few years ago, primarily because it was so damn versatile, the market didn't know what to make of it. It could climb like a champ, bomb the gnarliest of descents, and then podium in dual-slalom. Was this a crazy-light all-mountain rig, or a gravity-worthy XC machine The answer to virtually any of these questions was: yes. Eventually gaining more travel and morphing into the trail-focused Blur TR (hence the designation), this version zeroed in on the platform's trail worthiness without compromising any of its other split personalities, resulting in a bike that still confused many, but somehow satisfied even more. The Blur TR relies on 125mm of travel out back, courtesy of the ingenious Virtual Pivot Point (or VPP) linkage system found on many of Santa Cruz's models. VPP is, essentially, two counter-rotating links that precisely control the rear wheel's movement through its travel. Through the beginning of its movement, the rear wheel moves vertically to ensure that the suspension is reactive to even minor trail inputs to keep things smooth. As it begins to compress further, however, VPP begins to move the wheel rearward, lengthening the bike's wheelbase for greater stability under hard landings or over technical terrain. Because the lower link of the VPP system articulates the wheel away from the crank, pedaling f...