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Rhino-Rack XTray Large Roof Mount Cargo Basket Rhino-Rack XTray Large Roof Mount Cargo Basket

Whether you're heading out with friends on a gear-intensive expedition, making the big move cross-country, or simply going on a family vacation, expand your carrying capacity with the Rhino-Rack XTray Large Roof Mount Cargo Basket. It frees up roughly twenty square feet of floor space in the car...

Price: $398.95

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RockyMounts 14er Cargo Basket RockyMounts 14er Cargo Basket

If your car lacks interior cargo space, or you're carrying a few more riders than usual, the RockyMounts 14er Cargo Basket is the load carrying solution you've been looking for. It's made of tough, powdercoated steel, can carry up to 150lbs of cargo, and is compatible with just about any crossbar...

Price: $269.95

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Thule Canyon Cargo Basket Thule Canyon Cargo Basket

No matter how much room you have in your car, it always seems to fill up, especially on camping trips and road trips. The way home is even worse--cramped and stinky. Thule hears your pain. The Canyon Cargo Basket adds a whopping 12 square feet of cargo space to your car. Even better, the...

Price: $299.95

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Thule Trail Cargo Basket Thule Trail Cargo Basket

There's hardly any room in the car as it is and Jimmy has been yammering on about wanting to ride on the roof anyway, so strap the Thule Trail Cargo Basket on, make sure Jimmy's seated securely, and head off on vacation. Kidding. Keep your children inside the car, but take all your other gear --...

Price: $499.95

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Wasatch Powder Monkeys Inno Cargo Box Adapter Kit - Small Wasatch Powder Monkeys Inno Cargo Box Adapter Kit - Small

After you decide on the Wasatch Powder Monkeys Switchblade Crossbars sports rack as your roof rack system, upgrade your compatible cargo box with the help of the Wasatch Powder Monkeys Inno Cargo Box Adapter Kit. This nifty, small-sized adapter kit attaches to your cargo box so you can easily...

Price: $38.95
Sale Price: $13.63

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Weehoo Alloy Hitch Kit Weehoo Alloy Hitch Kit

If you switch between two bikes of have a spouse who takes turns pulling the little one, save time by installing the WeeHoo Alloy Hitch on your second bike. This kit is compatible with trailers newer than 2012 and makes moving the trailer from one bike to another a piece of cake. This means less...

Price: $40.00

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Weehoo Rack & Pannier Adventure Kit Weehoo Rack & Pannier Adventure Kit

Add some extra adventure potential to your favorite Weehoo trailer with the Weehoo Rack & Pannier Adventure Kit. Whether you're rolling across town to the grocery store or heading out for a day on the trail with the kids, this kit provides a whopping 40 liters of extra cargo space to pack along...

Price: $99.00

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