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CycleOps 200 Pro Indoor Cycle
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Not everyone gets the luxury of year round riding. The antidote We suggest that you square off against Old Man Winter with the CycleOps 200 Pro Indoor Cycle. Whether you have springtime race ambitions, or you simply want to maintain some semblance of your summertime fitness & weight, the 200 Pro is where CycleOps balances cost considerations with access to real-time data to keep you informed & motivated. This 200 Pro Indoor Cycle comes with the CycleOps Joule 2. 0 cycling computer as standard equipment. This is the one thing that distinguishes it from the 100 Pro, which comes sans Joule. You'll get accurate digital feedback for a variety of information about your ride -- work measured in kilojoules, kilojoules per hour, and calories. Cadence: current, average, and max. Heart rate: current, average, and max. Speed: current, average, and max. Ride: time, distance, and time of day. It's possible to ride with the Joule 2. 0 outside on your bike as well. It will also record -- Climbing: current grade, current altitude, and total ascent. VAM: vertical ascent, current altitude, and total ascent. And if you combined it with an ANT wireless powermeter, like a PowerTap rear hub, you can also track power in watts and w/kg and see your current, average, and max. Power zone, average power zone, and max power zone. Peak power for 5 sec, 5 min, and 20 min. WKO metrics: training stress score, normalized power, and intensity factor. Use the downloadable Power Agent Software, and you'll be able to generate a variety of detailed reports of your workouts to analyze and track your progress or pinpoint weaknesses in your fitness. You can manually adjust the resistance as you're riding by reaching down and twisting the yellow knob on the top tube so that you can tailor each workout to fit your needs for the day. If there's one reason why we love Cycleops' indoor bikes so much, it's that their 70lb flywheel simulates the momentum you'd develop at speed on the road -- it's the...