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Shimano SH-R260 Shoes - Men's
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High-performance racing demands a different kind of shoe than casual touring, and Shimano's SH-R260 Shoe is set up to deliver tons of comfort and plenty of power for riders who demand the best. A brutally stiff but badly fitting shoe just isn't worth the pain, so Shimano made the fit of the SH-R260 priority number one. Like ski boots or high-end hiking boots, it has a heat-moldable Custom-Fit upper and insole, which are designed to conform to your foot to eliminate hot spots, pressure points, and sloppy areas. Not only does this reduce discomfort, but it improves power output and reduces injury by helping ensure that your body is in the most ergonomic position possible. Shimano didn't stop there, though. It also included an adaptable arch wedge, which lets you customize the SH-R260's arch support to match the shape of your foot. A Custom-Fit reinforced heel stabilizer locks the back of your foot in place, particularly on the upstroke, and the snug Shimano Dynafit last is designed to provide a comfortable platform that can be easily adapted to fit almost any foot. The ergonomic design is finished off with a micro-adjustable ratcheting instep strap and two offset hook-and-loop straps that pull your foot into the sole and wrap the upper around your foot to improve fit, power, and comfort. The sole is where the rubber hits the road, though (not literally, obviously), and Shimano didn't skimp there, either. It's made from cross-woven carbon fiber, which provides loads of lateral and torsional stiffness so no energy is wasted. The classic three-cleat road setup offers lots of fore and aft adjustment, and the antimicrobial lining helps fight off the funk that can build up after weeks of hard riding.