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Blackburn EX-1 Bike Rack Blackburn EX-1 Bike Rack

Drop a crate full of groceries on the tough-as-nails Blackburn EX-1 Bike Rack and pedal your goodies home without having to rock a giant backpack. Aircraft-grade aluminum keeps things light, and oversized tubing reinforcement gives this rack added strength. Need to take junior Lance along for the...

Price: $44.95

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Blackburn EX-1 Top Deck Rack Blackburn EX-1 Top Deck Rack

If we found a magic lamp we'd probably be tricked into blowing our first two wishes on things we don't really want. The third wish, though, is a no-brainer: a trunk for bikes. In the meantime, we've got the 45-pound cargo limit of Blackburn's redoubtable EX-1 Top Deck Rack. The EX-1 includes all...

Price: $39.99

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