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KMC X9.99 Chain
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KMC's X9. 99 Chain is durable and smooth shifting and compatible with all 9-speed Campagnolo, SRAM, and Shimano drivetrains. It features a Double X bridge shape and outer and inner plate chamfering for fast shifting. It has also been given a proprietary "stretch-proof" treatment to increase durability. The chain is half nickel plated. The Gold version of the X9. 99 uses a high-tech titanium-nitride coating. This increases the life of the chain by reducing stretch and increasing its surface hardness. Additionally, titanium nitride holds lube on its surface better, which means less maintenance work for you and an increase in service life for your chain. The KMC X9. 99 chain measures 1/2in x 11/128in and comes with 116 links. It is available in Ti Gold and Silver.