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SRAM Force CX1 X-Sync 11-speed 110BCD Chain Ring
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When SRAM set out to create the ultimate one-by cyclocross group, it looked to its well-loved mountain bike components for inspiration. The derailleur is a hybrid of all the best parts of its road and mountain groups and to that end the chain rings needed to be equally as impressive. The Force CX1 X-Sync 11-speed Chain Ring features SRAM's X-Sync design to ensure secure shifts with no slip. The X-Sync technology was originally developed as in integral part to SRAM's XX1 mountain bike group. The teeth on the chain rings are cut with a tall, square edge which engages the chain earlier than traditional triangular teeth. They are effectively taller, but sharper and narrower which help to move the chain efficiently and minimize deflection. Additionally, mud-clearing recesses were designed into the chain ring so that inner links and rollers stay clean. And although initially designed for muddy trails, if you race 'cross anywhere but Southern California, you know that being able to shed mud efficiently is paramount to keeping your drivetrain working for the duration of your race. There is nothing worse than being reduced to 3 working gears with 4 laps to go. SRAM's Force CX1 X-Sync 11-speed 110BDC Chain Ring is available in five sizes: 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46 tooth.