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SRM FSA K-Force Light Wireless Powermeter Crankset
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It's hard to speak of carbon innovation in cycling without mentioning FSA, and as a leading developer of carbon components, it was only natural that someday FSA would cross paths with the titan of power, SRM, to meet the demands for a K-Force Light powermeter. Well, both parties met, shared brains, and the result is the FSA K-Force Light Wireless Powermeter Crankset. Combining pinpoint measurement accuracy with FSA's hallmark rigidity, the K-Force Light Powermeter will satisfy the needs for anyone seeking the ultimate in power training. The FSA K-Force Light Wireless Powermeter blends precise power measurement with lightweight rigidity. This is due to a hand-in-hand development period between FSA and SRM engineers. The goal was to pair the stiff, weight saving attributes of the K-Force Light's hollow-arm carbon crank with an accurate wireless power recording system, without scaling back the adored quality of either device. Easier said than done. However, SRM pulled this off by leaving the carbon arms unaltered, CNC machining a new rigid spider, and improving the design of the meter's strain gauges. The eight strain gauges for the Powermeter are a system of sensors that detect any resistance and vary their output when experiencing applied force. The next step is for the strain gauges to convert this data into electrical resistance so it can be measured. The refinements to the system offer stellar results. The K-Force Light expresses an accuracy of /- 2. 0% between 30 and 255 rpm with a wattage range between 0 and 4096 watts. Compared to the new G3 PowerTap that has the same range of accuracy, but only between 40 and 130 rpm, the SRM Powermeter has nearly doubled the system accuracy of its greatest competitor while shaving grams in the process. You can also expect a weight savings over other power measurement systems, as the K-Force Wireless Powermeter weighs in around an alarmingly low 806g with cranks, Powermeter, and chainrings. SRM also extended the battery l...