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Pioneer Shimano Ultegra 6800 Powermeter Crankset
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Partnering with the Belkin professional team for the past two years, Pioneer has had the opportunity to test and refine its latest powermeter design with some of the most demanding cyclists in the world. The result is a revamped system mated to Shimano's Ultegra 6800 Powermeter Crankset, giving you Pioneer's fully integrated, ultra-sleek, and exceptionally accurate dual-leg strain gauges and transmitter package. Pioneer's powermeter system measures pedaling force, direction, and overall efficiency via its dual strain gauges that have been bonded to the left and right crankarms. The transmitter itself is bolted directly to Shimano's spider using the original crankset bolts, maintaining an unobtrusive profile that smoothly blends into the spider's arms. These sensor units on the inside of each crank arm are then able to capture 12 points of rotation per leg, at 30-degree intervals. The sensors measure minute changes in the shape of the crank caused when force is applied while pedaling. From this, force is calculated in both the direction of rotation and the radial direction. The combination of these two force components tells us the direction in which the total force is being applied, which is shown using the system's force vectors. Also, a magnet ring that attaches to the bottom bracket measures the position of the crank, allowing precise display of the force vectors at every 30-degree interval throughout rotation. The force vectors for one full rotation are then wirelessly transmitted to your ANT head unit, either third party or Pioneer's SGX-CA900 and 500 models, displayed as pedaling efficiency. The idea is to target these efficiencies for improvement in training and racing. When pedaling efficiency is high, most of the rider's power is being used to rotate the pedals. So, the force measured in the direction of rotation at each of the 12 points is combined to give the total power output for that rotation. This system is more immune to the inaccuracies foun...