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PowerTap G3 46 Carbon Powermeter Clincher Wheelset
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While we all know that the art of carbon wheel manufacturing is a science, we tend to forget that training and racing are as well. Two of the most innovative companies from these fields got together to form the PowerTap G3 46mm Carbon Powermeter Clincher Wheelset. Now, whether you're training or racing, you have the right tools for the job. In terms of weight, the G3 46mm wheelset tips the scales around a respectable 1590 grams. The rim was constructed from a PR3 Hybrid Carbon, measuring out to a maximum width of 20. 8mm and a rim depth of 46mm. The layup recipe consists of three technologies -- Hybrid Modulus Laminate (HLM), Variable Resin Chemistry (VRC), and Inert Gas Compaction (IGC). Basically, these three systems work harmoniously. HLM is a method used to assign specific carbons and layups at different points of the rim, while xclusive resins bond the different laminates into a single structure. As a result, the wheel is strengthened at strategic points and benefits from a light overall weight. Additionally, the wheel's layup provides higher levels of lateral and torsional rigidity under load than prior iterations. For the build, PowerTap used 20 radial-laced DT Swiss Competition spokes in the front and 24 spokes in a two-cross, drive-side pattern at the rear. These have been laced to a 100g PowerTap front hub and a PowerTap G3 rear hub. The new PowerTap G3 rear hub is a power meter on a diet. An 80-gram weight reduction from the popular SL makes the G3 rear hub the lightest power meter in the world. PowerTap improved on the rigidity of previous models for the G3 by shrinking the hub profile and widening the flanges, ending the days of heavy, stiff, paint bucket-sized rear hubs. With the distractions of weight and stealth design out of the way, PowerTap improved the functionality and accuracy of data gathering. For one, PowerTap moved the orientation of the electronics that transmit user data to the end cap of the freehub body. With the new positioning, it...