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Tate Labs Bar Fly iPhone Case + Mount
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We all love to ride for the freedom it provides, but it's the 21st century, and there's something to be said for modern conveniences. So if your phone is one of the devices you just can't be without, consider the Tate Labs Bar Fly iPhone Case Mount. It clamps to your handlebar, providing a solid mount for your iPhone 5, and shrouds it in a waterproof casing to keep it safe. Now you don't have to leave the world behind just because you're going for a ride. The Bar Fly fits to any handlebar with a 31. 8mm clamping diameter. The rotating phone mount allows you to mount your phone vertically or horizontally, to optimize the display for your needs. This kit includes a waterproof hard case for an iPhone 5. The Tate Labs Bar Fly iPhone Case Mount is available in one size, and in the color black.