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Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery for Women
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As athletes, regardless of our sex, we've been given a standard "optimal" window during which a recovery drink should be ingested. However, Dr. Stacy Sims' extensive research into the effects of female hormones on athletic performance and recovery has revealed a different set of rules for women versus men. This resulted in the creation of Osmo's Acute Recovery for Women. This proprietary formula works in conjunction with the specific needs of a woman's physiology in order to maximize the adaptive effects of training. Not only is a woman's training affected by the hormonal shifts that occur during the menstrual cycle, progesterone and estrogen actually inhibit both muscle repair and glycogen restoration. So, no matter what you eat your body works against you when it comes to recovering for your next effort. While Osmo Active Hydration addresses the 'during exercise' effects of hormones, Osmo Acute Recovery focuses solely on the 'post-exercise' phase.Recovery is not just about running out and eating that burger and fries as a reward for a long, hard ride. Proper recovery means that the body receives the proper nutrients, in the right ratio, to actively assist the body with repair to damage caused by exercise. What is the recovery process to be exact Well, exercise stresses the body and part of the result of this stress are micro tears in muscle fibers. These tears are necessary for training adaptations -- when they are repaired, muscles become stronger, faster, and fitter. However, it's important that the muscles are given the correct means by which to repair themselves so that these adaptations may occur. Without proper nutrients, glycogen stores are depleted and muscles do not fully repair. Extended intervals of improper recovery amount to lower power output, fatigue, and the potential for injury.Women face a specific series of challenges in order to maximize muscle recovery. Like men, women also have a 30 minute window during which to ingest a small a...