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Kate's Real Food Grizzly Bars - Men's
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When you reach into your pocket for a mid-ride snack, it's usually an uninspiring bar that consists of suspect ingredients. However, this will never be the case if a Kate's Real Food's Grizzly Bar is in your pocket. Kate Schade didn't set out in the energy bar business to make a quick buck. She started out by making bars for her to enjoy, and lucky for the rest of us, her standards are high. What she created were on-the-go bars made from real, organic food. And, with one hand in farming, she was able to guarantee where those ingredients actually came from. Friends and family tried them, and not surprisingly, they demanded more and more. That brings us to today's Grizzly bar. It's a product that's born to fuel those who care about what they eat and where their ingredients come from. The Grizzly bar features organic ingredients like oats, honey, peanut butter, dried bananas, dried apricots, raisins, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. Even better, these delectable tastes have been offset by organic dark chocolate and rice nuggets in order to give it a nice balance of salty and sweet. So, the resulting bar hits on all points -- calorie richness, taste, and health. What more could you ask for Kate's Real Food Grizzly Bars are 3oz a piece and come in a box of 12 bars. Please note that these bars include soy, dairy, nuts, and honey. And while they are certainly vegetarian, they are not vegan.