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Honey Stinger Organic Kids' Waffles
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Keep your stash of full-sized waffles intact and pick up some perfectly proportioned, tyke-sized Honey Stinger Organic Kids' Waffles for the days your groms accompany you on the trails. As with the adult version, these waffles are certified organic and delicious, with a smaller, 80 calorie portion to better meet active kids' snacking needs. Honey Stinger's Waffles were originally created just for endurance athletes, not merely as a tasty morning snack, so they're made to fuel your little ripper's active lifestyle. Packed in convenient, single-serving units, these waffles tuck into a backpack, lunch box, or pocket for easy access on the go. The Stinger Waffles are simultaneously crisp and chewy, with all-natural ingredients that are easily digestible and bound to be a favorite. Like Honey Stinger's other energy foods, the Organic Kids' Waffles rely on honey, nature's version of energy gel, for a majority of the carbohydrate load. Honey's blend of fructose and glucose is easily digested and acts quickly to give a burst of energy. The waffles provide needed carbs with a blend of whole wheat, wheat, and soy flours, along with organic cane sugar and rice syrup. Honey Stinger Organic Kids' Waffles are packaged in a box of 5 individually wrapped waffles.