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Hammer Nutrition Xobaline
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While eating a balanced diet and allowing your body adequate recovery go a long way in ensuring results, sometimes your metabolism just needs a little boost. Hammer Nutrition's Xobaline contains B12 plus folic acid in a ratio that assists in red blood cell production and in the synthesis of RNA -- crucial components for increased aerobic capacity and muscle repair. While you probably know what red blood cells are, RNA is nucleic acid that is the building block of tissue cellular reproduction. Increasing RNA in the body may lead to gains in lean muscle mass, mitochondrial resynthesis, increased energy, and enhanced recovery. Both folic acid and B12 have been shown to play important roles in the body's ability to manufacture and resynthesize RNA, and the Xobaline tablets provide the ideal 1:4 ratio in easy-to-take, sublingual tablets. Hammer Nutrition's Xobaline comes in a bottle of 30 tablets.