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Garmin Edge 810 Bundle & Map Card - Men's
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You've probably already guessed that the Garmin Edge 810 Bundle and Map Card grants you access to every available metric known to man. So, we won't focus on the obvious. Instead, let's take a look at the new features that distinguish the Edge 810 from the 800. Starting at the screen, Garmin placed a focus on simplifying screen and metrics navigation. The initial start screen prompts you to select the CPU's functionality for your ride, either 'train' or 'race.' To avoid confusion, training mode is presented in Blue, whereas race mode is presented in Red. Additionally, this screen enables you to select the bike profile that you'll be riding -- mountain, road, cyclocross, or even unicycle if you're savvy. Once these selections have been made, you simply touch the ride button, and the screen moves to your race or training page. And of course, this page is customizable for every bike profile in your quiver. So, your ride page will only reflect the data that you deem pertinent to your ride or race. Even more impressive, and a jump away from the corner navigation fumbling of the 800, the 810 allows you to simply swipe the touch-screen from page to page. Also, Garmin designed the screen to operate seamlessly with gloved hands in the cold, in the heat, or even in wet weather. And as long as we're on the subject of new features, you'll be ecstatic to hear that they 810 is Bluetooth ready. So, while sport device communication is still handled by ANT (say, wireless data transfer from the included HRM or a powermeter), the Bluetooth technology communicates with your smartphone. And to make matters even easier, the 810 is fluent in either Android or iOS operating systems. So, once you're synced up with your phone, and you've downloaded the Garmin Connect Mobile App, the 810 really comes alive. Essentially, the 810 receives data from your smartphone, like live weather and activity upload. This means that you're able to receive real-time weather conditions, forecasts,...