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Garmin Edge 500 With Cadence/Premium HRM
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Terabytes of data are great if you're NASA or something, but if you're just trying to track your rides, it can be serious overkill. Information overload is one of the complaints cyclists had with the Garmin 705, so the company is offering the Edge 500 as a simpler, more streamlined solution, and including a Premium Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Sensor to give you more of the data you actually care about. While the Edge 500 is smaller and simple than other bike computers, it still has plenty of room to track the things that matter. It offers up three fully customizable screens that hold up to eight lines of data each (we know, how could you need more than that) and tracks all the standard information like speed, distance, time, altitude, and temperature. It also syncs wirelessly with the super-comfortable heart rate monitor and the auto-calibrating cadence sensor.Garmin didn't stop there. It ensured the Edge 500 is fully compatible with all ANT enabled devices, like powermeters, and works with the Garmin Training Center program and Garmin Connect website, among others. A rechargeable lithium ion battery keeps it running for up to 18 hours, and the secure mount keeps it locked onto your stem or handlebars for easy visibility.