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Garmin Edge Touring Plus - Men's
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Unless you're extremely sentimental when it comes to the lost art of cartography, we recommend coming fully into the digital age with the new Edge Touring Plus from Garmin. After all, going on a bike tour is romantically "old school" enough, so why bother with constantly getting lost Leave your compass and map at home, and let the Edge Touring Plus do the work. Essentially, Garmin's Edge Touring Plus operates in the same way as the GPS navigator in your car, only this computer provides you with bicycle-specific routes and options. In other words, you're not going to be finding yourself in the middle of a five-lane highway with the Touring Plus. Instead, Garmin has preloaded bike-specific maps into the microSD card of the Touring Plus. Here's how it works. Simply search for a place of interest and the Touring Plus will display turn-by-turn cycling routes to your destination and back to the destination of your choosing. Even better, Garmin has refined the route possibilities by enabling you to search by the kind of riding that you intend on doing. By this, we mean that there are road cycling, tour cycling, and mountain bike route modes, which will display either roads, trails, or bike paths in order to get you to your destination. Garmin has even made it possible to tell the device how far you want to travel, and with its round trip routing, the Touring Plus will give you three ride options to bring you back to Point A. Accordingly, the ability to plan rest stops and site seeing has been simplified. And in case you're looking for a little travel inspiration, Garmin has ensured that you're able to peruse rides and routes that others have completed via your Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures account online. And after you find a route that you want to try, you're able to download it to your Touring Plus CPU for your next ride. Additionally, you're also able to customize existing routes, or create new ones, before you download them to your device. Of course, both o...