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Green Guru Gear Ruckus Bike Tube Backpack - 1700cu in - Men's
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Backpacks are arguably at the pinnacle of human-based cargo-carrying methods: they keep the hands and head free, they keep weight distributed symmetrically, and they stay out of the way. Green Guru takes the common backpack and adds to it not just great functionality, but environmental friendliness. Made of almost entirely recycled materials and produced in uber-green facilities, the Ruckus Backpack is 1890 cubic inches of practicality for both you and the planet. The Ruckus Backpack's flip-top messenger-style opening makes for easy access to cargo, but to ensure that Mother Nature can't access it, too, the pack is also entirely waterproof, and the main opening has a drawstring collar for an extra degree of protection. There's an integrated laptop divider, a space for a hydration pack, and a sternum strap and removable waste strap to keep the load from shifting around. Throw in sleek style and some external reflective materials for visibility, and the Ruckus Backpack does the backpack concept proud.