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Sidi T3 Air Women's Shoes
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No matter how much you empty yourself during the cycling stage of your triathlon, it's all for naught if your feet are incapable of carrying you across the finish line. Case in point are hot spots. If your cycling shoes are giving you hot spots, that nuisance in the saddle will quickly become crippling when it's time to run. With this in mind, the Sidi T3 Air Women's Shoes deliver a perfect anatomical fit and supreme comfort, without sacrificing any of the legendary Sidi power transfer. First and foremost, Sidi designed the T3 Shoe around a women's-specific shape. This means that the shoe is wider in the forefoot and narrower toward the heel in comparison to the men's shape. Additionally, the women's T3 features a lower overall volume. So, from a purely functional standpoint, we can agree that rigidity is key. That's why Sidi uses a multi-step system to ensure that your power output receives a minimal amount of dissipation through the interaction of the shoe and the pedal. To achieve this, Sidi incorporated its new Eleven Carbon Composite sole. Now, don't think that this is anything like the Millennium 3 composite sole. The Eleven uses a 3K carbon fiber weave that's been inset into a carbon infused nylon matrix. This process provides variable stiffness throughout the sole in order to dramatically improve the overall stiffness-to-comfort ratio of the shoe. This especially makes the sensation of your T2 change into running shoes more seamless, because your arch movements have been accommodated over the cycling leg. And not only does the composite matrix result in comfort, but it also enhances the level of durability. In fact, Sidi estimates that the new material is less susceptible to temperature extremes and wear, and accordingly, the soles are predicted to retain their rigidity levels over multiple seasons of use. For fit, Sidi understands that triathlon plays by another set of rules. Its hallmark ratcheting system and Ergo Buckles aren't relevant to your dis...