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Fi'zi:k K1 Donna Shoes
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Triathlons require specific gear, and the struggle at T1 is a perfect example of when having the proper equipment comes to light. T1 is a popular source of videos that 'one sporters' like to snicker at due to the chaos caused by the incredible coordination and balance required to put on cycling shoes while mounting the bicycle. Fi'zi:k's Italian, handmade K1 Donna Shoes are designed to ease this burden. At the uppers, Fi'zi:k used a material that we don't see in use very often with cycling shoes -- neoprene. We know what you're thinking, how hot is it inside these shoes The answer Not hot at all. In fact, aside from the ample perforation and ventilation panels, this material is highly breathable. It was used over the Fi'zi:k-standard, Microtex, for its water-resistance and ease-of-entry with wet feet. So, your transition from sea to land won't be slippery. To further control slippage, the K1 Donna has shaped the heel cup at the aft position of the shoe. This feature keeps the foot in the perfect position on hard up-strokes and while climbing out of the saddle. As a result, you're powering the pedals comfortably and efficiently. This has been further heightened by Fi'zi:k's variable stiffness sole construction, called 3D Flex Carbon. The base is comprised of an ultra-stiff carbon fiber plate, with second layer being positioned closer to the heel. This layer is constructed from a material called Tepex that's a little more malleable than the carbon fiber in order to accommodate and support multiple heel and arch sizes. Together, the multiple layers work hand-in-hand with the insole and upper to keep the heel in place and to maximize comfort. And even better for triathletes, the outsole has been design to allow a good deal of lateral flex. So, your feet will experience less fatigue, maximizing your run potential after T2. And on the subject of the K1's comfort, Fi'zi:k has gone to another level with its 3D Flex Insole design. This insole is heat moldable and ful...