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Fi'zi:k 3D Flex Moldable Insoles - Men's
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If you've been pining over the Fi'zi:k 3D Flex Moldable Insoles, but you're more than satisfied with your current shoes, Fi'zi:k has answered your cries. Now, available independent of Fi'zi:k shoes, you're able to benefit from the 3D Flex's fully-customizable, heat-moldable comfort. Partnered with Sidas Technologies of France, Fi'zi:k designed its insoles to provide customizable support to the longitudinal arch, metatarsal button, and the heel cup through the use of three distinct materials. For the metatarsal and longitudinal arch zones, Podiaflex was chosen. This poly-resin mix is a by-product of wheat manufacturing, with moldable properties that allow it to perfectly support and confirm to your arches. The second material targets the pedal axle portion of the insoles. Known as Ortholite, it's a low-rebound foam that soaks up road chatter and vibration. Fi'zi:k specifically designed its shape to cover the area of an average pedal, keeping unnecessary weight and added material to a minimum. Finally, the heel cup is treated with a solid, supportive thermoplastic known as Transflux. The combination of these materials, once heat-molded at your local Fi'zi:k dealer, provides you with supportive qualities that lead to more comfort on your rides. As Fi'zi:k puts it, the insoles provide support and efficiency, but aren't 'corrective or obtrusive.' And while this serves the needs of most of us, we recommend that you see podiatrist if you typically wear orthotics. The Fi'zi:k 3D Flex Moldable Insoles are available in eight sizes from XX-Small to XXX-Large, with each size covering around one whole size. So, an XX-Small is appropriate for sizes 37. 0 to 37. 5, a Medium accommodates sizes from 41. 0 to 42. 0, and an XXX-Large is intended for sizes from 47. 0 to 48. 0.