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Uvex Ultrasonic Helmet
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Since 1926, Uvex has been a family-operated business. Expanding into several different arenas, from sports to safety, it has developed many award-winning technologies ranging from safety glasses to helmet design. The Ultrasonic mountain bike helmet, no exception to Uvex's attention to detail, first came onto the market a few years ago, and now it's finally being released for sale in the US. Designed and manufactured in Germany, Uvex helmets are too often overlooked. Yet, the helmets stand apart with excellent fit, light weights, and reasonable prices. Let's begin with the fit. Uvex's Anatomic IAS retention system adjusts both the height of the internal strap system as well as the width. It does so with a knob that is easily turned with one hand. The straps are adjustable to nearly millimetric precision. Additionally, the ear straps use a fast-adapting system strap so that they may be easily tightened on-the-fly, and the chin strap is secured with a Monomatic closure. Unlike the usual quick-release helmet strap, the Ultrasonic's system closes using a small plastic link that slides into the one-handed release. The straps always sit flat and there is no extra end flapping around in the wind. The shell of the Ultrasonic is Uvex's Double Inmold Technology. This means that in addition to an EPS foam-injected polycarbonate shell, a second shell was added for further protection. Even with this double shell design, the weight of the Uvex still comes in at 235grams. The shell features 19 ventilation channels for optimal airflow, as well as a bug net placed over the front vents to keep the creepy crawlies out of your hair. The shape of the shell and the fit system combine into a helmet that is streamlined and adjustable to fit almost any shape of head. The Uvex Ultrasonic Helmet comes with a removable visor. It is available in sizes 52-56(X-Small/small), 55-58(Small/medium), and 58-61(Medium/x-large). It comes in White/black, Silver/red, and Silver/black.