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POC Crane Pure MacAskill Helmet
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If you've seen Danny MacAskill's insane videos floating around--and if you can use the internet, there's a pretty good chance you have--you'll understand why he doesn't take chances when it comes to keeping his brainbucket in one piece. The honor of protecting Danny's dome falls to the POC Crane Pure Helmet, which the company is now offering up in a MacAskill signature edition, with a (presumably) trials-crushing British lion splashed across the side. Danny risks some serious spills, so protection is serious business. The Crane Pure uses Pro Core impact protection, which fuses high- and low-density foams to keep your brain whole in both low- and high-speed impacts. Moisture-wicking pads on the inside of the helmet keep sweat from dripping into your eyes, and plenty of vents help your head stay cool when you're getting up to some trials insanity.