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Bern Macon EPS Helmet Bern Macon EPS Helmet

Designed for skateboarders and mountain bikers alike, the Bern Macon EPS Helmet provides the versatility to transition from dirt pump tracks one day to skate parks the very next. It's constructed with a thin ABS hardshell that's extremely tough and surprisingly lightweight, combined with...

Price: $39.99

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Bern Morrison Helmet with Visor - Men's Bern Morrison Helmet with Visor - Men's

Toss your egg-shaped helmet aside for the low-profile protection of the Bern Men's Morrison Helmet with Visor. Striking a nice balance between eye-catching style and lightweight protection, the Morrison Helmet is a great choice for urban commuters and dedicated trail riders alike. The hard visor...

Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $49.99

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Bern Watts Thinshell EPS Helmet Bern Watts Thinshell EPS Helmet

Bern's Watts Thinshell EPS Helmet is guaranteed to keep you safe and cool -- in every sense of the word. Bern's OG visor design offers up a slick look, while 10 different ventilation holes keep your dome from roasting under the sun. The Watts features Sink Fit, a low-profile configuration to...

Price: $59.99

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