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Boardman Bikes Elite AiR 9.2S Complete Bike - 2014
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Even if you aren't a professional rider, you still want smooth, fast shifting, and you want it seamlessly incorporated into the frame, not a DIY add-on. Chris Boardman's years of experience racing against the clock have led to the development of the AiR frame. The 9. 2S build is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Di2 to give you the ideal bike for triathlon, rolling road races, and criteriums. It's no surprise that every tube on the AiR was examined and tested to be the most efficient shape possible. Boardman carefully designed the AiR's tubes with shapes that not only efficiently handle head-on winds, but also those less-than-ideal crosswinds that are encountered in racing situations. These wind-tunnel-tested tubes feature a fairly slender width profile throughout, which creates the optimal balance between vertical compliance and aerodynamics. The top tube remains fairly round, while the down tube, seat tube, and integrated seatpost have been shaped to maximize airflow and reduce wind-resistance. The material selected for the AiR's frame is a high modulus unidirectional carbon fiber, constructed with a full monocoque design. Similarly, the fork was built out of the same predictable, race-tested, and ultralight carbon fiber. The AiR's fork was designed to be exceptionally stable, comfortable, and to efficiently handle variable wind conditions. Boardman knows that both the proximity and spinning of the front wheel affect the fork's ability to reduce wind-resistance. To this end, the blades were computer modeled to manage that challenging local flow condition. Because of this, Boardman flattened the insides of the blades and curved the outside surfaces for an enhanced airflow interaction between the fork and wheel. This same principle is also true for the seatstays, which is why they feature a similar profile. The frame was built with full internal Di2 compatible cable routing, furthering airflow enhancement and a clean overall appearance.Th...