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Geax AKA 27.5in TNT Geax AKA 27.5in TNT

Mountain bike tire treads are designed for specific conditions, from hard pack to sand and everything in between. Stopping mid-ride to change a tire for varying conditions is never an option, which is why Geax's AKA 27. 5inch TNT tire was designed not to just tolerate all conditions, but to...

Price: $54.99

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Geax AKA Tire - 27.5in Geax AKA Tire - 27.5in

Tightly-spaced, small-block patterns are a favorite for hard-packed conditions where speed is favored over traction. But, those tires sacrifice quite a bit when the trail is either loamy or loose. The Geax AKA 27. 5in Tire, however, builds on that shallow, tightly packed philosophy in order to...

Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $54.95

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Geax AKA TNT Folding - 27.5in Geax AKA TNT Folding - 27.5in

Small, tightly spaced knobs are a favorite for mountain bikers. This is especially true where the balance of traction and rolling resistance tends to favor the earlier. Along these lines, Geax's AKA TNT 27. 5in Folding tire is designed to penetrate the ground without slowing your momentum. So,...

Price: $54.95

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Geax Goma 27.5in Geax Goma 27.5in

Not long ago, all-mountain tire choices for 27. 5-inch wheels were mostly limited to fattened up versions of generic 26-inch treads. Most tire manufacturers seemed to be hesitating to throw real money at this strange new "in-between" size. Well, the market has spoken, and the response has been...

Price: $50.99

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Geax Goma 27.5in TNT Geax Goma 27.5in TNT

Looking for some new rubber for that fancy new 27. 5in enduro rig you just picked up? Not long ago, your choices were limited. Thankfully, the tire biz has kept up with the Joneses fairly well, certainly including the folks at Geax, and their new Goma TNT 27. 5in tire is a great example of what...

Price: $56.99

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Geax Saguaro Tire - 26in Geax Saguaro Tire - 26in

Three laps on the Slickrock trail. All-day rides on local singletrack. The dream trip to South America--just make sure you have the versatile Geax Saguaro Mountain Bike Tire. This all-mountain tire rules when you just want to ride instead of stressing over your rubber. Not too heavy, not too...

Price: $52.00

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