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Geax Saguaro 27.5in TNT
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What does it mean to find balance Is it getting the best of everything, or is it just nothing in particular standing out Discuss amongst yourselves. Meanwhile, we'll be over here, talking about how incredible this new 27. 5-inch Saguaro TNT tire is. First off, there's size. Fumble with a calculator for a minute and you'll find that the 27. 5-inch wheel size finds the perfect balance between the 29ers and the 26ers, for bikes that offer the benefits of both and the sacrifices of neither. Let's then move along to tire tread. Enormous, widely-spaced knobs provide excellent traction in loose terrain, but are typically a bit heavier and roll more slowly than tires with smaller, tightly-packed knobs -- that second tire will be faster on smoother stuff but gets sketchy in the trickier terrain. Obviously, for balance, we want knobs spaced optimally for all conditions -- a continuously linked chain of medium-sized blocks down the tire's center for fast rolling and predictable tracking, while the shoulders get still more medium-sized knobs with more generous spacing, to help when the going gets rough and when the corners get cornery. Finally, let's find the balance between a light, tube-type tire and a heavier, stronger tubeless-specific tire. Done. Witness Geax's TNT (Tube-No-Tube) technology -- a lightweight Tubeless Talon foldable bead joins forces with a reinforced sidewall, making for carefree tubeless bliss, but at around 100g lighter than an equivalent UST tire. Just 690g for a 2. 0" tire that's enduro-ready but cross-country-fast For real. Numbers aside, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that virtually all of Geax's team riders -- regardless of discipline, bike type, or time of year -- wrap their hoops in Saguaros of varying dimensions. This, friends, is a very well-balanced tire. The Geax Saguaro TNT 27. 5-inch tire comes in Black and in either 2. 0in or 2. 2in widths.