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3T Aura Pro Comfort
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If you love the proverbial pain cave, time-trials are a discipline you should entertain. And while the ride itself will be painful, your position shouldn't be. 3T's Aura Pro Comfort features the same geometry as the Aura Pro, with the added benefit of a more adjustable position.The Aura Pro Comfort features a carbon base bar and alloy extensions and cradles. This combination combines the lightweight qualities of the carbon with the more durable alloy so that you'll feel free to crank on the extensions during a rough climb. The construction is identical to the Aura Pro. So what's the difference Well unlike the Pro, which features a static 80mm spacing of the cradles, the Pro Comfort is adjustable from 105 to 270mm. This allows you freedom to create a wider stance. Whether you have wide shoulders or you just like the stability of a wider "base" upon which to rest your elbows, the cradles angle inward to securely support you.The S-bend extensions provide up to 305mm of reach from the stem's centerline. Riser kits move the clamps in 10mm increments to a maximum of 60mm above the base bar. The 3T Aura Pro Comfort is UCI - legal so that anyone is able to use it. It comes in two widths: 40 and 42cm.