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Fi'zi:k Antares VS X Saddle - Carbon
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Race saddles aren't generally known for their comfort. In the battle between comfort and light weight, comfort usually loses on the design floor. That's because it's easier to put a number to weight than it is to comfort, and numbers sell. In the case of the Fi'z:k Antares VS X saddle, however, comfort prevailed. At 240 grams, the Antares is no heavyweight, either. That's the beauty of the Antares VS X.The Antares VS X was designed for riders with medium to medium-wide sit bones and moderate flexibility. That means most of us. It's also designed for cyclists who dislike soreness, hot spots, and numbness in the saddle. That also means most of us. The Antares VS X is equipped with a generous 20mm pressure relief channel that provides a comfortable area for your soft tissues. The VS range of saddles also use thicker foam than the rest of Fi'z:k's line. The VS X is also made with braided carbon fiber rails that absorb vibration and shock. Even the saddle's shell, which is made from carbon-reinforced nylon, is designed to flex just enough to provide a comfortable place to pedal.