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Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma Versus Saddle - K:ium Rails
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Fi'zi:k's Aliante Gamma Versus K:ium saddle was designed to provide the utmost comfort for the everyday cyclist, without sacrificing Fi'zi:k's key engineering ideals. To do this, Fi'zi:k had to determine a generalized, yet proper fit, and so the Spine Concept was created. Within this concept, Fi'zi:k classifies rider-types into three categories (a snake, a bull, and a chameleon), with the Aliante Versus saddle falling in the bull category. This means that the predicted user lives buried in the saddle during their ride, and has a spine that typically remains rigid for long durations. Obviously, the proprietor of this riding style can stand to have some pressure relief, and the deep channel of the Aliante Versus provides just that. The Channel Design Versus provides a negative space throughout the center channel of the Aliante. This space not only provides pressure relief to the genital area, but it also creates a point of ventilation. While the market trend in relief saddles is to feature a cut-out design, Fi'zi:k found that this channel system is detrimental to the structural integrity of the saddle. When put under load, cut-out saddles tend to flex, which over time leads to a dissipation of power and focused points of abrasion with skin. The Aliante Versus prevents this affliction by using the same amount of surface area as a non-Versus saddle. This means that you're evenly distributing pressure across the perineum and ischium regions without minimizing the integrity or comfort of the saddle. The Aliante Versus saddle is covered with a comfortable Microtex fabric. The material has been stretched over a rigid piece of carbon-reinforced Nylon, with a low-density padding buffering in between. The saddle rests on Fi'zi:k's exclusive K:ium rail system. K:ium is the result of a proprietary finishing process that not only bolsters the rails' cosmetic sheen, but increases fatigue and corrosion resistance while reducing the overall weight around eight percent over stan...