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Intense Cycles Tracer 275C Expert Complete Mountain Bike
Price: $5999.00
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The Intense Tracer 27. 5 Carbon Expert Complete Mountain Bike represents much of what sets the modern generation of trail bikes above those that came before. The beautiful carbon fiber frame takes full advantage of Intense's pedigree, with aggressive geometry and finely tuned VPP suspension. It's a fitting foundation for the Shimano XT build kit and Stan's NoTubes wheelset, which, much like the frame, are incredibly tough, despite their light weight. If you want a bike that will gladly tackle everything you can throw at it, you came to the right place. You probably already know about Intense's long history with American-made aluminum, so we'd forgive you if you had some questions regarding the Tracer's carbon fiber construction. But Jeff Steber and co. aren't the type to cut corners, so Intense brought in consultants from the composite wizards at SEED Engineering. We don't use the term "wizards" lightly, either, and the firm's extensive experience in building carbon fiber structures was tapped to make the best possible use of the material. The Made in USA ethos still stands, though, thanks to the fact that all the links and hardware are built in Temecula, alongside Intense's aluminum models. This ensures that your bike benefits from the best of modern composite construction and maintains the soul you'd expect from an Intense. Both the front and rear triangles are constructed as a whole, rather than bonding them together from sub-assemblies. This construction method has been well-proven on Intense's Carbine models, but the Tracer employs a different blend of materials and a finely tuned layup that shave additional weight, while maintaining maximum strength. This keeps the frame weight at 5. 3 pounds for a medium frame, while maintaining the strength and stiffness necessary for the most aggressive riders to keep it pinned in terrain that would have lesser bikes shaking in their boots. The Intense Expert build kit starts with an Evolution series FOX suspension ...