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2XU G:2 TR Compression Tri Shorts - Men's
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Engineered with compressive support, active cooling, and pressure relief, the 2XU G:2 TR Compression Tri Men's Shorts offer the very best in triathlon performance. Looking to the short's compressive 105D/CK panels, you'll find they boost endurance by reducing fatiguing muscle oscillation, while improving circulation to reduce lactic acid build-up. These compressive panels are also antimicrobial, combating the build-up of odor. Flatlock stitching along these panels won't scratch or irritate your skin when you're swimming, biking, and running all-out. Actively cooling your skin by up to 5-degrees Fahrenheit, the short's ICE X2 fabric wicks moisture to facilitate evaporative cooling. Keeping your body cool is essential to performing your very best not only in the dead-heat of summer, but anytime your body's temperature spikes through intense exercise efforts. Moreover, this fabric blocks harmful UV radiation, as backed by its UPF 50 rating. Relieving saddle pressure and the inherent soreness caused by riding long distances, the integrated G:2 TR chamois uses multi-layered padding for maximum support, with graduated density construction and antimicrobial freshness. Furthermore, its ergonomic design prevents uncomfortable hot spots or pressure points.