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SRAM R2C 22-Speed Carbon TT Shifter Set
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The title of the SRAM R2C 22-Speed Carbon TT Shifter Set is pretty self-explanatory, except maybe the 'R2C' part. Of course, that's the part that really sets these shifters apart from the competition. R2C stands for 'Return to Center'--the 2 just makes it look cooler on paper. It means that after every shift, the shift lever returns to its original position. That's important because each shift requires exactly the same movement, without any awkward hand position adjustments. That center position is also adjustable, so you can start each shift exactly where you want to. The shift levers are made from carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase stiffness. SRAM designed the shifters to require the minimum possible amount of movement to complete a shift. The R2C 22-speed shifter set is designed for use with double front chainrings and an 11-speed cassette.