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Chris King Thru-Axle ISO Rear 12x142mm Disc Hub Chris King Thru-Axle ISO Rear 12x142mm Disc Hub

The Chris King 12x142mm Thru-Axle ISO Disc Rear Hub comes ready to slip into any frame that accepts a 12x142mm thru-axle. It could be cross-country bikes, trail bikes, all-mountain bikes, etc. It doesn't matter the style, only that you're ready to experience a new level of stiffness and security...

Price: $398.95

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Shimano AX56 12x142mm Thru-Axle Shimano AX56 12x142mm Thru-Axle

Thru-axle rear ends have been pivotal in stiffening the rear triangles of many modern bicycles. The AX56 12x142mm Thru Axle is Shimano's SLX-level cross-country rear thru-axle. This axle is to be used with frames built to the Shimano/Syntace 12x142mm rear E-thru axle standard only.

Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $21.99

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Shimano AX76 12x142mm Thru-Axle Shimano AX76 12x142mm Thru-Axle

The AX76 12x142mm Thru-Axle is Shimano's skewer for the E-Thru Axle system built into kit like the superlative XTR hubs. If you're looking for a new 12mm skewer for your Shimano rig, we recommend not taking the risk of discovering previously unknown compatibility issues between brand X and the...

Price: $34.99

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Shimano SLX 12x142 Thru-Axle Shimano SLX 12x142 Thru-Axle

For some full-suspension frames, the benefit of a plush ride has been offset by the amount of unwanted flex that plagues the design. In recent years, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to stiffen rear triangles, and the 12x142mm rear axle has been a leap forward. For many full suspension...

Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $34.99

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