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Yeti Cycles 575
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When Yeti's iconic ARC debuted with AS (Active Suspension), it laid waste to both XC and DH courses, and it changed the anti-FS attitude dominating the early '90s. It also sparked a long and fruitful career for Yeti's AS, which includes pioneering long-travel XC mountain bikes like the nearly-six-inch-travel 575. If it wasn't for Yeti's combination of lengthy, efficient travel in a light and nimble chassis, mountain biking wouldn't be where it is today. We now have many terms, including that e-word where goggles and open-faced helmets are warmly accepted, to describe what Yeti started with the original 575. The rebirth of this historic nomenclature stays true to the original's goal, with a healthy dose of modern standards. This includes 27. 5in wheels, 12x142mm rear spacing, a direct mount front derailleur, PressFit30 bottom bracket, and ISCG tabs. The 575 is slotted under the SB (Super Bike) line, but that doesn't mean it's compromised in any way. The two Yetis have similar numbers on the geometry charts, with a few standout differences. For one, the 575 is available in an X-Large with a generous 25. 6in top tube. In fact, throughout the 575 size run it's about a 1/2in longer in the top tube than an SB-75, while they share nearly identical wheelbases. The head angle on the 575 is also about a 1/2 degree slacker, measuring in at 67 degrees. The reason for these differences is to make the AS-equipped 575 ride similarly to the Switch Technology suspension found on the SB bikes. Switch Suspension is great at maintaining momentum and providing excellent pedaling dynamics; but it's more complicated, thus requiring more maintenance, and its rear axle path position changes fore and aft. The AS suspension design arcs the rear wheel forward and shortens the wheel base slightly, which is why you'll find a little more length in the 575's cockpit and a slacker head tube to ensure stability. As stated before, Switch Technology is great, but it's not for everybody, and th...