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Craft Big Logo Cap - Men's
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The dotted appliques complementing Craft's logo are synonymous with both functional training and competition apparel. It's the mark that signifies the brand, and it also looks pretty spectacular on its own. Accordingly, Craft decided to blow up this logo and apply it to the appropriately-named Big Logo Cap. This cap was designed as a protection layer while out cycling, skiing, or running. However, it also keeps your head warm while cheering on your significant other at their big race. The cap was constructed using Craft's C430 acrylic and wool blend, which effectively keeps you warm and dry by transferring moisture to the outer-layer of the fabric. Craft lined the cap with its C130 active fabric, which is its time-tested polyester blend that's used for its incredible softness and moisture-wicking properties. So, whether you need a cool-weather cap for training, or just for looking good and staying toasty, the Big Logo Cap is the ideal choice. The Craft Big Logo Cap is available in one size and in the colors Black, Spirit, Vision, and White.