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Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy LT Carbon Mountain Bike Frame -
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Santa Cruz's Tallboy LT Carbon Mountain Bike Frame keeps the momentum rolling with 135mm of travel in an insanely light and strong package. And, without Santa Cruz's proprietary carbon processes, the Tallboy LT Carbon's combination of low weight and strength wouldn't be possible. The front triangle of the Tallboy LT Carbon is constructed as one piece, rather than having components produced separately, and then bonded or wrapped. Additionally, the carbon fibers are continuous around tube junctions -- to distribute load and absorb impact energy better. Looking at geometry, the Tallboy LT Carbon's actually slightly longer (we're talking a fraction of an inch here) than the original Tallboy with a slacker, 69. 5 degree, head angle. Surprisingly, the 35mm of added travel has not adversely affected standover height; it's a few millimeters shorter than the standard Tallboy Carbon. Keeping in perspective the Tallboy's short chainstays, this could be one of the most nimble and competent full-suspension 29ers out there. This is also due to Santa Cruz's lauded, patented VPP suspension system. It features counter-rotating links that allow a variable feel throughout the suspension travel. When sag is set correctly, the Tallboy LT Carbon is extremely responsive to small- and medium-sized bumps. On larger hits that push it deeper into its travel, it becomes more stubborn, a necessity to avoid harsh bottom-out. It's also a crisp, efficient pedaler, even in the small chainring. Another big plus of Santa Cruz's VPP suspension is its durability; angular contact pivot bearings offer excellent resistance to deflection for truer tracking, and better line holding over rough trails. For smooth, long-lasting performance, the contamination-prone lower links are equipped with grease ports to ease service and guarantee long maintenance intervals. The LT Carbon is sprung by a light, and custom-tuned, FOX FLOAT CTD with the slick and durable Kashima coating. Its simple, three-position lev...