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ENVE M60 Forty 27.5in Wheelset
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The ENVE's M60 Forty 27. 5in Wheelset is an ideal match for the latest generation of lightweight, shockingly capable trail bikes. This rim was designed to sit between the previous XC and AM rim, making it perfect for the way that most of us actually ride our mountain bikes. And with a completely redesigned profile that was six years in the making, you're looking at a wheelset that's stable and tough. Oh, and don't forget, it's XC-race light. Welcome to the future. When ENVE set about designing the M60 Forty, the goal was to build a rim that occupied the space between the previous XC and AM rims, with the understanding that the aforementioned midpoint represented the ultimate rim for the way that most people ride off-road. Unsurprisingly, the team in Ogden, UT delivered in spades. The 27. 5in M60 Forty rim weighs a claimed 374g, making it 40g lighter than the previous AM rim and nearly the same weight as the XC. Part of this weight savings was accomplished by trading in traditional bead hooks for a redesigned beadless hook bead, which is lighter, more impact resistant, and actually seats tubeless tires more securely. The rims are a generous 23mm, internally, which lets those tires fill out with more air volume at lower PSI, improving cornering stability and putting more rubber on the ground at any given time. By strategically relieving material from the rim, ENVE has taken the M60 Forty's tuned ride feel to previously unseen levels. Anyone who's familiar with ENVE knows the fanatical lengths that its engineers go to in order to achieve a perfect ride feel. Accordingly, the M60 Forty has been tuned to provide a degree of vertical give, thereby reducing rider fatigue, without sacrificing the fantastic drive stiffness that endows ENVE wheels with the "on rails" feeling for which they're prized. The rim tells most of the story, but these wheels are hand built in northern Utah to exacting standards, which produces the longevity you'd expect out of a class-leading w...